Ok, so, I’m on my way to work this morning and some lady cuts me off and screams ahead in my lane. She lurches ahead another block and then does the same thing to somebody else. By the time we get to the third stoplight, she and I are side by side and the red light. My convertible  already open and I started to tell her that it was a good thing that I drive a little car that is easily manouverable, otherwise we would have had an accident back there. She was quick to say that it was my fault that I was in her way in the first place. Now, me, keeping a level head about the situation, just looked forward and waited for the light to turn green. She on the other hand was not as willing to let this go. She was half hanging out of her window yelling and screaming words that I only thought existed in a book that was locked away in some deep dark cavernous crypt that no one was every allowed to read for fear of spreading these ever so vile words and phrases. Which brings me to my point. When did we as a society get to a point that we go out of our way, in this case extensively, to pawn off our wrong doings onto someone else? What happened to accountablity? We are not all perfect, Lord only knows I’m not, current event standing, but when did we get to a point that allowed us to believe that if we were at fault for something, we could just push the blame onto someone else and move on with our day? Now, I’m not saying that we all have to move into the trees, start a commune and smoke pot all day, however nice that may sound, but it really would be nice if when you fucked something up you had the character to say that you did and move on.


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