30th Anniversary of the Walkman

We are celebrating the 30th year of the Walkman.  Now, we all had one and we all thought they were one of the things that perpetually made us cool.  That is until the Discman.  I’m sure we’ll have another celebration for that though.  For now, we’re sticking with the Walkman.  This wonderful piece of audio hardware allowed us to take our music, audio notes, books on tape and pre-recorded message to daddy when he was away on business, out of the home and into the streets.  I remember many school trips growing up when we would climb aboard the bus and zone out to the latest Motley Crue tape and wish we were old enough to be in the front row rockin’ out.  Ah the Walkman, how many memories you’ve given millions.  Thank you and Happy Birthday!

photo credit143040265_faaa9d44e9


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