Paperless: Day 1

Today was the day that I proclaimed to the hills that I’m going paperless for the month, save the bathroom.  However, with today being over I have succeeded in my goal of no paper, thus far.  I didn’t print off any emails, attachments or web pages.  Though I must admit, I did get emailed a multipage script today and it was really difficult to not simply hit ‘print’ and view a hard copy.  And taking notes; I haven’t actually typed notes in a meeting in, well, ever.  I’ve always had a notepad and just scribbled down what was happening around me.  I use a Wacom tablet throughout the day when I’m editing and working and did do a little experimenting with the tablet and Ink in the Apple OS; going to take some getting used to if I really want to write out notes instead of type them.  That is the best alternative that is out there right now.  I’m hearing all of these rumors about the forthcoming Apple Tablet.  What would be really cool is if there was an app that would let you write on it and save notebooks for different clients/projects.  Then I’d be able to view them page by page and/or save them as pdf’s and email them to co-workers etc.  Anyway, day one down, no paper used.


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