Shut It Down!

As I continue to be paperless, I did have a slip up this morning.  I needed to print off a script so I could mark up and highlight as we went along.  This is an area where a product that looks and acts like paper, but digital, would really be of use.  However, this post actually has nothing to do with paper, but my computers.  I work with a laptop that goes with me throughout the day and an editor that sits in my office.  At the end of the day the laptop goes home with me and the editor usually stays on, all night long.  So, I’ve decided to use the scheduler and shut it down over night.  It shuts down at a scheduled time at the end of the day and turns back on at, you guessed it, a scheduled time in the morning.  By using this feature already built into the OS, the Mac is turned off, not using hardly any power at all, when I’m not in the same building, let alone using it.  The only thing that is different from my normal morning by doing this is that when I get in in the morning, instead of looking at my desktop, I look at a log in screen.  It takes five seconds to type in the relevant information and then I’m off to the races just like any other day.

I also started using the ‘put the screen to sleep feature’.  With using twin 20″ displays, those babies really suck up the power.  So, instead of rockin’ a screen saver, if there is no activity for more than five minutes, the screens go dark.  During the day, that’s as far as I’m willing to go!  : )


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