enTourage eDGe

Well I think I’ve found the closest piece of tech to what I’ve been looking for.  This new hardware from enTourage has an eInk side and a mobile Android OS on the opposite.  On the eInk side, you can read books and pdf documents as well as mark up those documents and write on ‘lined paper’ with the stylus.  From what it looks like, the quality is going to be OK.  I haven’t actually gotten my hands on one and it does look a little on the ‘fun’ side, but would be completely workable in an office/business environment.  And, at just shy of $500, it’s coming in at a really nice price point.  Your thoughts?

enTourage eDGe

I’m still waiting to see what Apple comes out with since I’m an Apple geek, but this is the closest thing that I’ve seen to what I’m looking for.


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