A Month Complete

After deciding that I was going to go paperless for the month of January, I sucessfully completed my goal; sort of.  After about a week in I realized that in the current world I live in, business and personal, it’s not feasible to go completely paperless.  I did however go paper-less.  Meaning I consumed FAR less paper than I have.  I printed only three documents and drug my laptop everywhere to view documents and take notes.  Not to mention my digital filing system is far more streamlined now than it ever was.  I’m still looking at purchasing a piece of hardware to take the place of my notebook.  I’m not using one at the moment, but I still like the act of taking notes with a pen.  I was hopeful for the new Apple iPad (which from here on out will be referred to as ‘the Tablet’ because that name is horrendous), however until it comes out and someone writes an app that allows you to write on the screen with a capacitive touch stylus, I’m stuck typing notes.  I prefer handwriting notes over typing because when I’m typing I’m more focused and concerned on what I’m typing.  When I handwrite notes, I pay better attention to what I’m listening to.  It’s just how I work!

With January ending up a great first effort at being paper-less, I believe that I’ll keep up the goal and push through for the six-month goal.  Notes on progress as they evolve.


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