Digital Lifestyle

I am a rather large advocate for using technology for a smorgasbord of things.  I use twitter and facebook for social networking, linkedin for profession networking and rss feeds just like everybody else.  And then one day not too long ago, this little thing came along call FourSquare.  The first time I laid eyes on it, I thought to myself ‘Chris, this a stupid fuckin’ idea and there is no possible way that this is going to catch on.’  Much to my dismay it is catching on and I still have no idea why.  Why in the hell would you possibly care that I ‘checked in’ down the street for a beer?  Who could possibly want that information?  Criminals, that’s who!  You know, someone should really build a website that posts all of this stuff for the stupid people out there that are using FourSquare so the world can now see that they’re NOT AT HOME!!!!  Then I stumbled up on this little nugget.  Seriously, you’re just asking for trouble and I’m pretty sure that we’re going to see a significant increase in break-ins and burglaries.


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