On the way to work

OK, so I’m on the expressway cruising along, top down and jammin’ some tunes.  When, much to my amazement, I get passed.  And perhaps the single act of getting passed on the expressway won’t strike that many people as odd, what happens next will.  That is of course unless you’re the type of person that does this, if that’s the case, consider changing your ways before someone somewhere in your town goes postal.  Back to the story.  So, this jackass passes me and the immediately proceeds to change lanes, WITHOUT SIGNALING, into my lane, AND PUTS ON HIS BRAKES SLOWING TO THE SPEED LIMIT!!!  What type of human being does such a thing?  RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!  There weren’t any cars in front of either of us and my sudden scream of ‘you fucker’ could have totally been avoided.  So, of course I did the completely grown up thing of downshifting, signaling (of course) and moving into the passing lane.  While I was passing this moron, I proudly held my middle finger in the air and when I could see his headlights in my rearview mirror, I signaled and moved back.

So that was right away this morning.  I think it’s going to be a good day.  Stay tuned.  : )


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