A thought about tablet computers…

As I read article after article on tablet computers and how this one or that one is the ‘iPad killer’ I find myself immediately going to the spec sheets.  When you compare them side by side, there are tablets out there that kick the shit out of the iPad on specs alone.  Then I started saying ‘well, they’re never going to be as popular because they don’t run Apple’s iOS.’  That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks.  It was so obvious and right there in front of me the whole time.  Many of you are probably saying ‘this guy’s an idiot for not seeing that’.  Well, to that I say, you are correct.

What makes the iPad so damn popular isn’t it spec set, but it’s the software driving it that appeals to the masses.  Competitors of the iPad are beginning to run into supply problems because they just have so much inventory.  It’s not their product sucks, it’s just that it doesn’t have iOS.  The software is was really sets all of these products apart, not the hardware.


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