Having trouble finding prostitutes?

Well then have I found the app for you and your mobile device!?  The new ‘dating’ app and site, SugarSugar, claims it’s for ‘generous men looking to spoil, and dynamic women looking for financial support with bills, or who just need some excitement in life!’  Their tagline is ‘where romance meets finance’.  Really?  OH and by using your smartphone’s GPS, you are put in contact with the closest sugar baby or daddy, and of course the diseases that accompany.  That last part may may have been a little harsh.  Just be safe out there, OK?

So, really when you think about it, this app is doing two things for you, pointing you in the direction of sex for money and it’s documenting the trail of data your wife will eventually turn over to her divorce attourney when she files to leave your cheating so-to-be broke ass.

If you’re looking for a little somethin’ somethin’ on the side no matter where you’re at, SugarSugar is what you’re looking for.


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