Super 8 iPhone app

I throughly enjoy the look of old film.  When it comes to stills, I still shoot 35mm and if I can find a lot of expired 35 that I can get my hands on I’m even more of a happy camper.  Yet on the flip side, I’m also a big nerd when it comes to tech stuff.  Weird I know, it’s not lost on me.  So, I was updating my iPhone this morning and when the iTunes store popped up, there was an app just staring me in the face, just begging for me to click on it.  It was Super 8.  It’s a promo app for the new movie Super 8 coming out soon, but as it turns out, the app is cool as hell!  They did a great job with the functionality of it and you can truly customize it without having to buy additional ‘lenses’ or ‘film’.  By turning the light on on the phone, it just adds to the look and feel of using a Super 8 camera with a mounted light.

I’m going to be traveling to the Indy 500 this weekend and plan on using this little app quite a bit (not to mention an abundance of stills), so be sure to check back and look at how it does.


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