The block of writers

So today I have been racking my brain on what I should write about and it seemed that every single time I sat down and started blankly at the little flashing cursor, I became intimidated by its taunting and ran away with my tail between my legs.  I’ve been in a little funk all day and nothing has struck me enough to sit down and do some research and formulate a complete, educated thought about it.  So you get this.  This brief rambling of me not saying a single thing.  However, it is me writing.  : )  That I guess is part of the goal, right?  What do you do when you are at an impasse in your writing?


2 thoughts on “The block of writers

    1. I know, right!? And, it seems that what worked for regaining my focus the last time, is the furthest thing from what will work for me this time. Just keep trying new things I guess.

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