Interview Time

I’m getting ready to head into an interview session for a large scale social media initiative for our agency, check it out here.  I’m involved in producing what will soon become a weekly live broadcast.  For now, however, we’re starting with a combination of live bumpers and a taped segment.  The goal is to run everything live and archive the broadcast.  By then being able to move the format to a mobile set, there’s no stopping what were going to be able to do with this platform.  There are some pretty big ideas on the horizon.

Today I am the interview subject.  I’ve always been better behind the camera, but we’ll see how this works out.  : )  What we’re doing initially is interviewing people from the agency.  Our goal is that you are able to then connect with people you feel like you already know, rather than just sending emails or trading voicemails.


One thought on “Interview Time

  1. It was awesome! You and Jim play well off each other.
    And, you should point out, you were in front of and behind the camera…just not behind it when you were in front of it.

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