Getting over my block

The hardest thing I have encountered over the past week is that I sit down to write about something and I end up with nothing.  My big problem is that I am not being able to tap into my inner creative writer, he’s just lying there dormant, waiting for someone or something to awake the sleeping giant.  I’m forcing myself to come up with something and when that happens, unfortunately I end up with posts like this.  So, I had an idea while I was swimming laps today.  I am going to come up with my top fives.  Movies, books, songs, apps etc, and each week I will deliver a new top five.

I know that by doing this it may seem a little high schoolish, but as of late I’m having a very hard time keeping my mind on task.  I promise, by doing this my mind will get kicked back into shape and I will present you with some worthwhile material that will be both informative and entertaining.  Well, at least one of those anyway.


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