The Nelson Rain Train

In an attempt to keep my grass as lush and vibrant as I possibly can, the past few weeks have sent me on a search for a lawn sprinkler.  I had no idea that there were so many different types of them.  However, when I stumbled upon the Nelson Rain Train, my search had ended.  This thing is sweet!  You hook it up, set a speed either low or high, and turn the hose on.  It then will travel along the path that you’ve set out for it by laying the hose in the yard, it just uses the hose like a track!  I just turned on the water and went in the house, it did it’s thing while I was able to eat dinner, watch some TV, read part of a magazine and most importantly, not be outside and attend to it every 30 minutes.  Awesome.

I know that you’re not supposed to water the lawn in the evenings, but I was just so damned excited to get this thing out there, especially with the dry, hot spell that we’re in the midst of.  I’m going to lay it out again this weekend and let it run in the morning like you’re supposed to from now on.

If you’re looking for a sweet sprinkler that you can let do all the work for you and accurately water your yard, I think I just found it for you!  The Nelson Rain Train is a great sprinkler.  Buy recommendation:  BUY!!!


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