Character Development

So I’ve recently dug out some projects that I have started but not finished.  The piece of work that I’m on first I’m only a few pages into and I’m starting to get into the characters a little deeper.  Which brings me to my point.  In the past when I work on a character I usually put up information about that character on cards on a cork board.  Every time then that each character gets into situations, I look back to the cards to make sure that the writing stays true to the character and who they are and what they are about.  For me, writing down these details as they stream out of my ever increasingly fucked up mind, helps me as the characters interact.  I also kind of develop each character as I go.  Meaning I don’t work up a character history for each of them before I begin.  Now, this works for me.  I just wish I could focus long enough to call what I do from day to day progress!

What are the ways that you develop characters and keep them straight when doing your writing?


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