new theme, new mindset, new goals

I have been in a place of stagnation for quite some time when it comes to my work.  I have started projects and have let them fall to various stages of incompletion.  I know this kind of sounds like it should be a sort of new years resolution, but today that all stops.  I have mentioned in previous posts that I have a short script in development.  This has been resurrected several times and life has gotten in the way of its completion.   Last week I purchased a new camera that is basically built from the ground up for people like me, that have a background in film and love to shoot film, but want to move into a more digital world for some applications.  The Sony FS100 is one of the best purchases that I have made in quite some time.  With the acquisition of the this one piece of equipment, my desires to finish my script and self produce and direct have been rekindled.  I know I’ve cried wolf before, but please, stick with me, follow my posts throughout this process.  This is not an empty promise.  Promise.  ; )  I’m going to get back to writing and working.  Please, stay tuned.


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