some new ideas

Today I began writing down some ideas of short films/TV shows/web series ideas that I’m going to look into producing.  I have been in the producing game for a while now and am looking at these new projects as some smaller projects that will allow me to dive deeper into areas that I haven’t been in for a while or as focused as I’d like to be.  So over the next month, I’m going to be heading to different parts of the Des Moines area at large and filming.  Using some different techniques, lenses and other equipment, I’m hoping to have some really diverse and unique vignettes to share.  This week I’m going to be working with saturation and colorization.  I’ve long had a desire to take the original plates and make them something completely different and unique than what the scene was when it was captured.  By working with color and saturation, a totally new mood can be created and take the viewer to somewhere that they never thought about.  So, stay tuned to Friday as I’ll be posting what I’ve captured and assembled over the week.


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