Ditching the Laptop: Step One; The Keyboard

20130919-131214.jpgOK, well this is going to be the first stop on the Ditching the Laptop tour. I want to share with you a little bit about the keyboard. In talking with others that have ditched their laptops in favor of their iPad for day to day work, I decided NOT to start of without a Bluetooth Keyboard. So, I paired my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard with my iPad and I’m already off to the races. The process was simple and painless and worked instantaneously. However, I for some reason expected the option to still use the on-screen keyboard. I guess I didn’t really think about it not being available. But, as it turns out, if you pair a keyboard, your iPad assumes that you’ll be using that one and not needing the on-screen one. But I don’t ALWAYS want to use the physical keyboard. There has to be an easier way then digging through the menus and turning the Bluetooth on/off each time I want to use it? Well, there is. Turns out that all you have to do is hit the EJECT key and it suspends/reactivates connection of the physical keyboard. SWEET!!! So, I now have, at the click of a button, the option to use the physical keyboard, or the on-screen one. In fact, I just switched to the on-screen keyboard at the beginning of this sentence. And, now I switched back to the physical! Cool, huh?

Another feature that I have found I really like about pairing the physical keyboard with the iPad is the ability to use the brightness and volume keys. Also, right now I’m listening to Pandora, and by using the Play/Pause button it does, wait for it, Pause and Play! And the Forward and Back buttons do as you’d expect as well. This simple little addition of a keyboard allows you to multitask a little more, so, that’s kind of nice. I image that those will come in handy at some point.

I have always used my Mac for doing any type of serious writing due to the fact I had an actual keyboard. I mean, the on-screen one is fine for web addresses and commenting on someone’s Facebook status, but for anything more than that it’s really a pain. I have typed this entire post, save the one line from the couch, at the kitchen table with the keyboard. Pretty sweet.

Next post will be about the dock. Ooohh, I know!!! Stay tuned.


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