Ditching the Laptop: Step Two; Apps

I am a Cinematographer/Videographer/Photographer.  Therefore the applications I use for work are pretty processor intensive and require a little more firepower than my iPad.  Don’t get me wrong, it can pack a serious punch and yes, it can edit videos and photos.   I just need that extra power of my Mac Pro for work.  So when I began to peek around the corner at this little experiment I wanted to make sure that, aside from a few applications, I could do everything from my iPad.  Facebook, check.  Twitter, check.  WordPress, check.  Mail, check.  Safari, check.  Dropbox, check.  For me, the list goes on with tasks I do on a daily basis that you may never have the use for.  So, I’ll just share with you my process.

For two days, I kept a little list going of all of the tasks I was doing with my laptop.  Then, after perusing my list, discovered that everything I had done was easily doable on the iPad with the individual apps.  I did find Dropbox to be slightly lackluster with features, but a quick stop to the actual web page through Safari and I was able to get everything done that needed attention.

I do notice that because it’s such a different way of interacting it is going to take some getting used to.  I do have the keyboard and dock for typing, but because it’s a touch interface, whenever I need to switch apps to look something up, or add an appointment to my calendar while I’m on the phone with a client, it is a little cumbersome reaching up and touching the screen or home button.  I found myself several times just taking the damn thing off the dock, turning off the keyboard and heading to the couch while I was on the phone.  Obviously, it’s not designed for, or good at, desk work so I do take that into consideration.

So for tasks and apps and the like, not using the laptop is not proving to be a problem for me, just a little different way I interact with the information.  The experiment continues full speed ahead.

What about you?  What types of applications do you use that would cause you to pause if you wanted to ditch your laptop?


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