Ditching the Laptop: Step Three; Battery Life

In my attempt to ditch my laptop on a day-to-day basis, battery life was going to be one of my concerns. I’ve never used my iPad like this and on what I consider normal usage, the battery will go about a week. Now, when I say normal usage, I mean check my email, Facebook and Twitter in the evening while I watch the news or the latest episode of the shows I watch. So, not really intense. I do have a Mophie back up battery for my iPhone and I just make it a point to make sure that I throw that in my bag, just in case.

I’ve been picking up my iPad every time I need to do anything not related to the suite of Pro apps I use for work. So when I’m on the go or around the studio, my iPad now gets used quite a bit now.

Let’s chat a bit about screen brightness. I like using the screen at almost full brightness. Just a personal feeling, but when I turn down the brightness I just feel as though the colors become a little muted, and I don’t like that. I really only turn down the brightness if I’m in the dark … really dark. All that being said, I haven’t had a problem with the battery getting through the entire day. A couple days last week, I even got through two days in a row. Silly me, I forgot to set it back on the dock over night. I thought for sure that I was going to employ the use of the back up battery toward the end of day two. However, much to my surprise, still 10% battery life at the end of day two.

So what does my experience with the battery mean for you? Unless you have the screen at full brightness and have it on all day long, you will be fine taking your iPad of the charger in the morning and not worrying about it for the rest of the day. Just plug it in before bed and repeat.


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