Ditching the Laptop: Step Four; Suckiness

So after working pretty much exclusively off of my iPad for the last couple weeks I have noticed some things, which, aren’t necessarily problems, just things I’m not used to.  Take, for instance, using a keyboard with your iPad.  Two things that suck.  1. When the iPad is ‘sleeping’, any button that is pushed on the keyboard wakes it up.  This is nice is some situations, but could be a real blow to your mind if you’re going from meeting to meeting and your keyboard keeps getting bumped in your bag, keeping your iPad ‘awake’ and that lushes screen stays aglow, running your battery down.  Or 2. You just want to do a quick search for something.  So, you just take out the iPad, leaving the keyboard in your bag only to discover that since your keyboard is paired, when you touch a search bar or the like, the keyboard is nowhere to be found!  At this point there are three options: 1. dig out the keyboard and use that, 2. reach in your bag and hit the ‘eject’ button to make the on-screen keyboard appear, or 3. dig down in the preferences, toggle bluetooth off.  None of these may seem like a big pain in the ass, which they’re not, but it’s just something that I’ve never had to deal with before so the first couple of times it’s happened, it’s just been one of those ‘aaahhhhh’ moments.

Flash.  Today, most sites have either moved away from Flash or at least recognize that you’re using a device that won’t play Flash and direct you to a different version, still allowing you to see the content.  Some places however have not decided to do this.  So, you’ll still navigate to a site and not be able to view their content.  Or, depending on the site, not be able to view anything at all.  Again, not a deal breaker, but something that just sucks.

What about you guys? What are sucky things you’ve noticed about working on your tablet that cause you to pause about getting rid of your laptop?


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