Keeping Track with the Fitbit Flex

fitbit-flex-xlBeginning today, I’m keeping track of everything I put in my body and all of my exercise.  Jess, my fiancé, and I are going to be keeping each other accountable with the Fitbit Flex.  I did some research comparing other types of trackers and we landed on the flex.  It integrates with My Fitness Pal, which is awesome because I already have and use (not enough though) that app.  I cycle and use MapMyRide to keep track of my rides.  So, I will track of all of my food, drink and exercise in MyFitnessPal (except my bike rides, those are tracked and catalogued with MapMyRide and then manually inserted into MyFitnessPal) and then all of my sleeping habits are then managed in the Fitbit app.  So, I’m using the Fitbit app as the top of the chain for an overall view of my day of everything.

Last night was the first night that I had slept with it and it was interesting to look at my sleep and see when I was sleeping the most efficient.  I had never seen that kind of data before so it was cool to see.

I’m still trying to discover other ways to effectively use this new device to my benefit.  Anyone else have one?  How do you use it and what apps do you use it with?


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