AAAAaaaaaaaaaaand I’m back

DeathtoStock_Simplify10Last week I logged into my dashboard and noticed that the last time I posted anything was January 2nd.  ONE FULL YEAR AGO!  Now my first thought was to hurry up and write something and get it out there.  But, then I thought, I’ll just wait until the 2nd and put something up then.  So, this morning, still nursing the tail end of my New Years Eve hangover, I sat down in my office, looked out the window and began to type.  Turns out I was just typing and waiting for a coherent sentence to be flung from my fingers and transferred onto the screen.  It wasn’t happening.  This when on for an hour.  Command-A, delete.

I went with my fiancé,  Jessica, for lunch and had a sandwich.  Now I’m back at this.  As I was heading back to my office I was trying to think of something to write about.  As I was going back over this past year, I realized there were a few things that happened, but a large chunk of my year was eaten up by me being a slog.  Jess and I moved, we got a lot of planning done for the wedding, put the other house on the market (still for sale, by the way).  So, this year, 2015, is going to be my year of being fucking awesome!  Jess adopted this notion that she’s not going to do resolutions, she’ll be setting goals.  I like that.  So, I’m stealing.  Over the weekend I will be honing my list of goals for this year.  The whole goal method seems so much more efficient that the resolution method.  There are things that I have said in years past like, I’m going to do more of (blank) next year.  Or, I’m going to change (blank).  Bullshit.  That hasn’t worked for me in the past and it sure as shit won’t work again.  I’m sure of it.  So, again, I will be setting goals.  I’m going to be including any of my goals in this post because I want to take a little time and think about it.  I don’t want to just sit here and arbitrarily throw out things that I’ll be locked into for the next year.  On Monday I will get back to you with my goals.


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