My Body In Detox

Jessica and I have been doing this body detox meal plan that spans five days.  Being Wednesday afternoon, we’re two and a half days in.  I can tell you this, when your body is used to getting certain things, like coffee, and not used to getting others, like enough fruits, vegetables and water, it really turns you upside down.  I love my coffee.  I drink it hot and black, like my soul.  And, I’m one of those people that will drink it all day long.  But I haven’t had it now for three days.  I’m drinking water.  So, in addition to the withdrawal headache, I’m in the bathroom all the time!  This is me just whining like a baby …

On the flip side, I sure as hell know that my body is cleaning itself out, ridding me of toxins.  And, because we are eating healthy and proper proportions, I am even losing weight!  I know it’s crazy to think that since we commenced this detox journey on Monday morning, I have already lost five pounds!  I don’t know what the rest of the week holds, but I just may keep up on this whole healthy eating thing!  : )

I will have to reintroduce coffee though.


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