50 50 50 Project


Or, I think I’m just going to call it ‘Project 50’ to make it easier.

A little back story. I have been trying to find a project that I can shoot that will keep my eye in shape while experimenting with some techniques and styles that I don’t really want to use client work to practice. I had read somewhere over the weekend about a photographer somewhere in the U.K. that did a series using only his 50mm lens. Now, I love my 50mm lens and every chance I get I shoot the hell out of it. It is by far and away my favorite lens that I have and work with. So, I have decided to adopt what he did and do it as well.

Which brings me to the three 50s. I am going to keep my camera pretty much attached to my hip for 50 days. I am going to shoot a ton of images throughout each day and then I’m going to pick my favorite for the day. That will be the image I’ll use for Day One. And then so on for all 50. Each day I will put my favorite photo on here with a little write up on why I took it and why I choose it to by my favorite. So armed with my camera with my 50mm lens, away I go to begin shooting! I will begin this little experiment on the 20 of February. So be ready, because on the 21st you’ll see the first one! I hope you’ll enjoy viewing this little experiment as much as I think I’ll enjoy shooting it. Stay tuned!


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