So as I’ve begun this new year, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about thinning my gear hoard.  I have different pieces of gear that I use once, maybe twice a year and other than that, they sit on a rack, taking up space and essentially costing me money because they are not being used.

Over the weekend I found this article and read every word.  It really got me thinking about this idea I’ve been running through in my mind about my gear.  Sometimes, we think too hard about how to get a shot, rather than just finding great ways to tell our story with the basic tools that we all started with.  With so many new and exciting products coming out all of the time it can get easy to get caught up in collecting gear.  I, for one, will be doing the opposite.

My process: I have a small notebook that I have begun writing down every piece of gear that I have.  Then, I am putting stars next to those items that I could NOT do a shoot without.  Step three will be looking at the other items not starred, depending on an exception here or there, those non-starred items are getting the axe!  I will probably end up being an eBay Power User when all is said and done.

What are your thoughts on gear?  Are you looking to add pieces to your setup or are you like me, and looking to streamline?  I’m curious as to what other people are doing/working with.  Let me know.


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