NAB 2016

Sunday I will be heading to Las Vegas for the 2016 version of NAB, of National Association of Broadcasters, convention.  I’ve been a few times before and I really enjoy getting out there and looking and testing the new gear.  It really gives me a chance to interact with new gear and technologies, as well as work with some gear that I’ve been wanting to try out that is available now.  By doing that, if I ever need to rent a piece of equipment for a shoot, I will already have that whole ‘how the fuck to I make this work’ phase out of my timetable.

Vegas is an interesting town.  This is the first time I will be traveling there on a solo trip however.  I’m not really looking to do much else as I’ve booked my days pretty tight with vendors at the show.  So it really will end up being get up, go to the show, get back to the hotel, sleep, get up… for two solid show days.

Here goes!  I’ll be back next week with tech talk!


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