Going For A Walk

Last night, my wife, our three-month old Hadley, our Golden Retriever Calie and myself went for a little walk when I got home.  We just did a simple five or six block loop around our neighborhood, but I tell you what, it was good for all of us.  Calie doesn’t get nearly the time outside that she should.  Jess doesn’t get the exercise that she should.  I clearly need to get more exercise.  And Hadley has taken to looking up and watching the trees go by.  When we go for a ride in Jess’ VW Tiguan, Hadley sits in the back seat and just stares up through the glass roof at everything passing over her.  And on our walk she was doing the exact same thing while being pushed along in her stroller.  Always looking up and smiling. I have to tell you, I was so proud just watching her enjoy this simple thing so very much and it got me thinking about where we are today.  With the current state of the country, here is this perfect little girl, not knowing or giving a shit at all about what it happening.  She just looks up and smiles, bringing so much joy and love to her mom and I. Continually throughout the day, whenever I think about her, I feel better.

Obviously I cannot shield her from the evils of the world for ever, but I can, and will, do everything in my power to teach her, and talk with her, as she continues to grow and spread love and positivity, about what the world is and how she can impact it.  I know I have a tendency to get bummed out with were we all stand, and I want better for her.

Needless to say, walks are going to be something we do more often and as she gets older, walks and talks are going to be something we do together.


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