SD Card Files Recovery

it_photo_191077Being a videographer, I have a ton of SD cards for a variety of capture devices.  And, since I get paid and pay my bills by what is captured on those tiny plastic squares, having them perform is something that I don’t think about, but rely on heavily.  Which brings me to yesterday.

Yesterday I was working on a project and realized that I had not, for some reason unbeknownst to me now, captured some clips related to the project.  So, I went back to the SD card and inserted it into my Mac Pro.  Final Cut Pro promptly issued me a dialogue box something to the effect of ‘card structure corrupted, no found files.’  WHAT???  What the hell am I going to do???  (Side note.  You hear about date recovery all the time and back up, back  up, back up.  But, we never really do.  Which is why I found myself right here.  Continuing…)  I ‘hid’ FCP, and control+clicked the card icon on the desktop to ‘get info’.  Much to my surprise, it was still showing that the card was full, with available storage at just less than one gig.  So I quickly scrambled and launched Google on another system.  I wanted to do nothing on the Mac Pro that would in any way jeopordize any fleeting chance at recovering that data.  I did a search for ‘SD card file recovery Mac’ and one of the first ones that popped up was Disk Drill.  I had checked a couple of the other ones websites out, and I did download another one to begin with.  It did not find anything on the card.  I don’t mean like just a few files and not all 63 gigs worth, but it found NOTHING.  Not a single meg.  I know that there is shit on there because I then did another ‘get info’ and still, a little less than one gig.  So I deleted that piece of shit application and went back to the web and to Disk Drill, which is what I should have done first, but I didn’t.  Disk Drill will let you scan your disks, but there is a Pro version that, in my case is what I was going to need, and I really didn’t want to put out the $90 for that license.  I wish I would have just started out with it though, because not only did Disk Drill find all the files, it was able to recover them and restore my ability to complete this project.

If you need EVER to restore any disk drive at all, don’t do what I did and waste several hours looking for ‘cheap’ solution.  Just save yourself all the time and effort and just start with Disk Drill.  It will be the best money you’ve ever spent on a project.  And, you’ll be able to save that project!  Take my word for it.  Disk Drill.  Do it.


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