The Darkness of Home

So I’ve been wanting to do a photo series for a while now and I knew that I wanted there to be a theme to it.  But, I wasn’t quite sure what that theme was going to be.  Until now.

More often than not, people will always describe their hometown with the good points, the bright shiny things that would make people want to come to their town.  I tend to lean slightly more roughed up, more fucked up macabre than I probably should.  So, as the title of this series introduction has already let the cat out of the bag, I am going to be sharing a series of my town, Sioux City, in the dark.  I want to shoot some areas that are those bright, shiny places that draw people to our fair town, but put a little different, a little darker slant on them.  You’ll see what I mean as we go along and I hope you enjoy feeling them as much as I will creating them.


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