Sunday Funday

My mom, brother and his wife and their daughter came over to the house on Sunday for a little grill out lunch since the weather has just been gorgeous.  After they took off, Jess and Hadley and were just chillin’.  Hadley was having a hard time taking a nap and she always falls asleep in the car, as most infants do.  So, living where we do, we are only roughly a half hour from LeMars, which is were Wells Blue Bunny is.  So, we packed up the baby and the dog and headed north!  Jess and I could get ice cream and hopefully Hadley would fall asleep.  Mission accomplished!  We did a little driving around and then headed home.  After a little over two hour nap.  We decided to take a little trip to the park down the street from our house.  And this happened:


Best Commuter Vehicle???

Let me first begin with at present, this is NOT the best commuter vehicle for me.  I have a 60 mile one-way commute, so this is not an option.  HOWEVER, if the day comes and I have a short commute, this is definitely what I’m picking up!  And if you have a short commute, or live in a big city, take a peek at this, the Boosted Board.


This is not a product endorsement.  I do not have one of these (though I would love one) and have never been on one.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a board.  I used to skateboard as a way to get around (why this is perfect) and never really got into ‘skating’.  I have had a few long boards and those are clearly my favorite.  My current long board I haven’t been on in quite some time.  Now that the weather is going to start getting nicer and I’m going to be spending more time outside, it might just be time to break that baby out again!


I’m pretty excited about the Boosted Board as a product for a lot of people.  You can travel up to 14 miles on one charge with the extended range battery and 7 miles with the standard battery.  The cool thing too is that it will power up hills up to a 25% grade!  That’s awesome!!!

With multiple ride options, it won’t take long for you to get the hang of this thing.  Again, I don’t have on and have never been on one, but from what I’ve read and seen on YouTube, it seems fairly easy.  And, it’s a sick form of transportation!

Do any of you have one?  Love it?  Hate it?  What are your experiences?

Oh, Boosted Boards, if you see this and want to send me one to test out, I would love that.  Thanks.

The Darkness of Home

So I’ve been wanting to do a photo series for a while now and I knew that I wanted there to be a theme to it.  But, I wasn’t quite sure what that theme was going to be.  Until now.

More often than not, people will always describe their hometown with the good points, the bright shiny things that would make people want to come to their town.  I tend to lean slightly more roughed up, more fucked up macabre than I probably should.  So, as the title of this series introduction has already let the cat out of the bag, I am going to be sharing a series of my town, Sioux City, in the dark.  I want to shoot some areas that are those bright, shiny places that draw people to our fair town, but put a little different, a little darker slant on them.  You’ll see what I mean as we go along and I hope you enjoy feeling them as much as I will creating them.

Challenge 2017

Turns out I began writing a post a while back, saved it and then never came back to it.  So, I’m coming back to it!  It’s as follows:

As 2016 comes to a close, I took the last couple of weeks and reflected on what happened this year, how it changed me for better or worse and then adopt the challenge platform for next year, rather than a bunch of resolutions.

A big one, and most decidedly my most proud moment, was meeting my first child, Hadley Grace, in June.  The love and joy that I feel every time I look in her eyes simply cannot be put into words.  Or, if it can, I simply do not possess the elevated language need to adequately convey those emotions.  Another thing great this year was celebrating my first wedding anniversary.  I have enjoy collecting memories with my wife, Jessica, thus far and am really looking forward to the ones we make as a trio moving forward.

Something else that really affected me significantly more than I had anticipated was celebrating my daughter’s first Christmas.  It was an amazing feeling sharing those moments with my family and my wife’s family (all my family).  However, not to get too down, what affected me was celebrating this Christmas without my dad.  My dad has been gone for four years now and I’ve done plenty of accepting and living and moving forward, but what really caused pause was that he would have loved sharing in these experiences too much, the love that he would have felt and poured over Hadley, and my niece Claire, would have been so great that, combined with ours, no other love would be able to fit in that room.  So, I am just going to continue to be the best dad I can be, because I learned from the best.

Moving on to 2017, I have rediscovered my love of photography.  I first dipped my toe into motion pictures years ago with a strong base in film photography.  After a career in film and video for so many years now, the last part of 2016 reignited my desire to create fine art photography.

So I have decided that I am going to challenge myself in 2017 to do four things, change my habits to live a more healthy lifestyle; especially with our new daughter and the time she needs, continue to build and grow our marriage; assemble a book of photography; and finish this book that I have been writing for the last three years.

I am going to be looking at my life and really figuring out how I can change and change the things around me that are creating chaos and negativity in my life, which are hindering the successful completion of my challenge.

Violent Nebraska Sky

Yesterday on my way home, the weather was pretty ominous and I just couldn’t help but take this photograph.  The way the clouds angrily hung over the seemingly peaceful country homestead just struck me as an interesting juxtaposition.

violent clouds

50 50 50 Project


Or, I think I’m just going to call it ‘Project 50’ to make it easier.

A little back story. I have been trying to find a project that I can shoot that will keep my eye in shape while experimenting with some techniques and styles that I don’t really want to use client work to practice. I had read somewhere over the weekend about a photographer somewhere in the U.K. that did a series using only his 50mm lens. Now, I love my 50mm lens and every chance I get I shoot the hell out of it. It is by far and away my favorite lens that I have and work with. So, I have decided to adopt what he did and do it as well.

Which brings me to the three 50s. I am going to keep my camera pretty much attached to my hip for 50 days. I am going to shoot a ton of images throughout each day and then I’m going to pick my favorite for the day. That will be the image I’ll use for Day One. And then so on for all 50. Each day I will put my favorite photo on here with a little write up on why I took it and why I choose it to by my favorite. So armed with my camera with my 50mm lens, away I go to begin shooting! I will begin this little experiment on the 20 of February. So be ready, because on the 21st you’ll see the first one! I hope you’ll enjoy viewing this little experiment as much as I think I’ll enjoy shooting it. Stay tuned!

Getting Into Biking

A couple of weeks ago I decided I would get into biking.  Like, seriously into biking.  And this is why.  Here in Iowa we have an event every July called RAGBRAI.  It is a week long bicycle ride across the state.  You go from river to river with nothing more than peddle power and beer.  Jess’ mom has done this ride the last two years now and one of the overnight stops was just a few short miles South of where we live.  We headed down to Altoona, Iowa and partook in the event that is RAGBRAI.  I decided that I wanted to do it.  That I COULD do it.  I started looking around at some different models of bikes and think I’ve landed on one that will fit the bill nicely for what I need it to do.  It is the Sirrus by Specialized.  It’s a great bike and it looks and feels (I stopped by a local bike shop and had an abridged audition of it) great.

I plan on beginning my training yet this year.  Primarily to get my body in shape.  Then over the course of the Winter months and the Spring, I’ll work on getting my muscles conditioned for the event.  There are an abundance of trails here in Central Iowa, so getting out and logging some miles shouldn’t be that tough.  I just have to do it.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress and get some photos up along the way.  RAGBRAI 2012 here I come!